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A Playbook for Pandemic Response

A toolkit for practitioners and decision-makers to rapidly design and deploy effective behavior change interventions during a pandemic, based on principles of behavior science and human-centered design.

Practitioner Toolkits

A thematic playbook is built weekly on a critical behavior theme. A comprehensive set of thematic playbooks will be compiled into the final playbook. These playbooks are designed in a cascading pattern of increasing details and resources. Thematic playbooks are actionable distillations of key insights. Elaboration and additional resources and reference to the content of the thematic playbooks are available in a series of Pandemic Posts located in our menu.

Use of
Face Masks

Universal mask usage not only helps prevent spread of virus from infected persons, but it can also improve compliance to other protective behaviors.

Physical Distancing

A six feet distance between individuals in public settings can dramatically reduce the rate of spread of virus. But with steep emotional and economic costs, how do governments and communities ensure adherence?

Reopening Spaces

As lockdown restrictions are being lifted, safe return to public and professional spaces will require redesigning and rethinking spaces, interactions and systems.



As countries pass their peaks of COVID epidemic and start to lift restrictions, how do we communicate this transition, while both signaling the presence of risk and motivating the population to gradually resume life as usual?

Managing COVID Cases

A COVID case begins at an exposure event and ends at recovery in most cases, and fatality in some. How can we support COVID patients in self-monitoring for symptoms, self-quarantining, seeking testing, reporting contact events, undergoing treatment and dealing with social stigma?

Adapting to the New Economic Normal

No aspect of life and society has been left untouched by the pandemic. As a result of the prolonged lockdowns and looming uncertainty, consumer sentiments and financial outlook have taken a downturn. How can businesses and markets adapt to the new economic normal?

Future of Healthcare

The modern healthcare has never received a shock as severe as the COVID-19 pandemic, and is likely to be profoundly transformed by it. So how can the healthcare system adapt to deal better with the current pandemic and the next?

Health Crisis Communication

Coming Soon

Health Systems Strengthening

Coming Soon

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Final Mile brings unique and proven capabilities in addressing complex behavioral challenges. As one of the first Behavioral Science & Design consultancies, we have had the opportunity to bring these to practice in a wide variety of sectors and contexts. We have executed highly complex behavior change projects across a wide variety of areas covering Global Health (HIV, TB, Maternal Health, WASH), Financial Inclusion, Safety across Africa, Asia, Europe and the US.

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