A Playbook for Pandemic Response

A toolkit for practitioners and decision-makers to rapidly design and deploy effective behavior change interventions during a pandemic, based on principles of behavior science and human-centered design.

Practitioner Toolkits

A thematic playbook is built weekly on a critical behavior theme. A comprehensive set of thematic playbooks will be compiled into the final playbook. These playbooks are designed in a cascading pattern of increasing details and resources. Thematic playbooks are actionable distillations of key insights. Elaboration and additional resources and reference to the content of the thematic playbooks are available in a series of Pandemic Posts located in our menu.

Use of
Face Masks

Universal mask usage not only helps prevent spread of virus from infected persons, but it can also improve compliance to other protective behaviors.

Working Remotely

Reduce physical & operational distances to prepare for remote working to improve performance, motivation, & collaboration. 

Physical Distancing

A six feet distance between individuals in public settings can dramatically reduce the rate of spread of virus. But with steep emotional and economic costs, how do governments and communities ensure adherence?


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Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

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Testing and Treatment

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Transition to New Normal

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Systems Strengthening

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Communicating Risk

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